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Drive phone process and skills improvement with Fix The Phones, sponsored by CallRevu, is designed to help every call to a dealership be a positive experience. CallRevu is sharing its data and best practices learned from listening to millions of phone calls to auto dealers. Learn to operate like the top performers at every step of the call. From better phone processes to the right kind of training. The money's is in a great customer experience. Read more and make the pledge to serve your callers and receive:

  • More phone calls to your dealership
  • Conversational pointers curated from profiling dealership top phone performers
  • Best practices for receptionists, sales and service delivered with the data behind it
  • Happy customers

Make the Pledge to a
Great Caller Experience:

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Data Driven Training

Data-driven training maximizes your development in the shortest amount of time. The majority of dealers record the lion’s share of their calls. Ask for your call recordings so you can hear yourself in action for an extended period then train on your areas of opportunity. Fix the Phones has courses for:

  • Receptionists
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Parts

Watch this 3 minute video to sample training phone agents can use to address deficiencies on specific data points, like setting an appointment time. 


phone skills training video: setting the appointment

Data Driven Training Videos

Start watching free training videos that teach to key data points to help you improve every phone interaction. 


Live Online Training Sessions

Sign up for a free upcoming training session. Topics cover phone skills in sales, receptionist, service and parts. 


Process and Skills Assessment Checklist

Assess your dealerships' phone processes and agent's phone handing skills with this handy checklist.

Michael Markette at Driving Sales Executive Summit

Did you know that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human?

Learn how this will affect your dealership in Michael Markette's presentation at the Driving Sales Executive Summit in Las Vegas last week "Mobile as the New Personal Assistant -- How It Has Changed Phone Call Handling."