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Auto Dealers: Maximize Leads by Posting Call Tracking Numbers on Google

Posted by Michael Markette on Jun 14, 2018 11:40:00 AM

Car buyers now spend 59% of their time online, with 46% specifically looking to locate and/or contact a dealer. Yet still, the phone remains critical as the initial point of contact for 25% of shoppers. This has led Internet Sales Managers, Marketing Consultants and related dealership executives to a unique turning point where they must expand their thinking about what’s possible. How can dealers maximize the effectiveness of phone as a critical touchpoint in today’s smart, digital world?

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Topics: Phone Process, Call Tracking

5 Steps to Coaching Employees for Success on The Phones

Posted by Holly Markel on May 25, 2018 2:22:51 PM

You’re driving in a school or construction zone, and you notice the digital display that flashes what your current speed is. Chances are, if you’re driving over the speed limit, you immediately slow down. Curious because you have a speedometer right on your dashboard, yet that feedback from the sign prompts action. In fact, in situation after situation, it is ongoing and regular feedback that is the catalyst for behavior change. Ask yourself, then, if you are fully maximizing the effects of ongoing feedback with agents in your dealership.

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Topics: Training, Coaching, Employee Success

5 Ways to Empower and Engage the Receptionist at Your Dealership

Posted by Cory Wright on May 9, 2018 9:34:32 AM

Receptionists. Call handlers. Front desk workers. Call them what you like, but these employees are arguably the most important asset within your dealership. Nearly every reason a customer stops doing business with a company—long hold times, speed of response, overall quality of service—is directly influenced by this frontline employee.

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Topics: Receptionists, Phone Skills, Training

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